September 24, 2022 
I-X Center, Cleveland, OH

move in schedule: 

  •  FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2022:



    • We have a total of eight hours for move-in on Friday. So all you have to do is show up on Saturday!

    • Vendor check-in/move-in will begin at 11:00AM and continue until 7:00pm

    • Exhibit hall is NOT open to the public on Friday

    • If you have purchased a parking pass (optional) for drive-in/load-in privileges you will pick this up at this time

    • If you have NOT purchased a parking pass (optional) for drive-in/load-in privileges you will unload at the East Entrance and our staff will guide you to the show floor and load-in

    • If you have NOT purchased a parking pass (optional) for drive-in/load-in privileges you can elect to do so at this time and purchase from the IX Center

  • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2022: 

    • Vendor check-in/move-in will begin at 8:00AM and continue until 10:30AM

    • Parking is FREE for vendors/exhibitors if you enter the IX-Center Parking Lot BEFORE 9:00AM

    • After 9:00AM you will be charged $10.00 for parking

    • The show will open to the public at 11:00AM to early-access ticketholders

    • Sell it all and have a fun day!

    • No teardown whatsoever is permitted before 7PM

    • Vendors will have load out until 10:00PM

    • Re-entry to the Exhibit Hall on Sunday, September 25, 2022 will not be permitted, unless special exceptions are granted


  • Again, we STRONGLY encourage you move-in on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23

  • ​The CONCOURSE LEVEL is the LOWER-LEVEL of the IX Center so please plan accordingly with dolly, carts, etc.

  • All physical items pertaining to the vendor MUST fit within their booth space, including height not-to-exceed 12'

  • Vendors are expected to operate their booth for the ENTIRE duration of the EVENT. Leaving before the close of the event is not permitted, unless special permission is given. Packing up early is not permitted and you may not be invited back as a result. 

  • Due to venue restrictions, beyond the control of the Cleveland Gaming Classic, vendors are allowed to carry by-hand, two-wheel hand cart, and even a four-wheel cart/dolly to bring items into the IX Center

  • If you arrive after 9:00AM the DAY OF THE SHOW YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR PARKING

  • Vendors who are required to have a seller's permit must have a copy with them at the event. 

  • Vendors are also individually responsible for any State of Ohio sales and use tax obligations. 

  • Terms of vendor registration may be subject to change.

exhibitor table numbers

concourse level map

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Floor Plan Numbered FOR VENDORS  Master Complete 8.13.22.png

east lobby MAP 

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Upstairs Floor Plan (32 × 48 in) (2).png

other faqs

Q: What if I need to purchase a table, chairs, or other items I have not purchased yet and have decided I want to rent from the show? 

A: The cutoff window for additional items, i.e. tables, chairs, linens for your tables, etc. is now closed. If you did not order these items through us - you will be required to supply them. 

Q: What if I now need electrical to my booth space?

A: Unfortunately at this time we are not allowing the purchase of additional electrical spaces as all have been claimed. If it is dire that you do have electrical please email us at show@gamecleveland.com or you can also order it directly onsite through Edlen Electrical. 

Q: Can I bring my own extension cord, if I did buy electrical access?

A: Yes. You will need to bring your own extension cord if you did buy electrical access to power. We are NOT providing extension cords, but only access to power. You are responsible for your own cords. 

Q: What if I decided I want to purchase a drive-in parking pass for load-in/load-out privileges in the IX Center?

A: We have closed the ability to buy drive-in parking pass privileges directly at this time, but this may be purchased directly from the IX Center if you wish upon arrival. 

Q: Will WIFI be provided to me? 

A: There is a public WIFI available to you intended for general use for small transactions, email, messaging, etc.; however, depending on total attendance you may be required to use your own data plans accordingly. Please plan accordingly. Otherwise, if you would like your own private exhibitor wireless internet this is available to you for purchase from the IX Center's wireless service provider, Smart City - and they will be available onsite. 

Q: If I am loading in on Friday, will my items be safe overnight?

A: Yes, we have specifically hired an overnight security shift to have security in the IX Center from Friday night until Saturday morning when the doors open. So even when the venue is closed, we are hiring security to be on staff.

Q: How many exhibitor passes to we get with our booth purchase?

A: Each 8' booth space comes with 2 exhibitor passes. One for you and one for a guest. If you need additional, you will need to purchase admission tickets accordingly. If you purchased multiple booth spaces you receive 2 exhibitor passes per booth space. As an example: if you purchased 2, 8' booth spaces, you would receive a total of 4 exhibitor passes. 

Q: What if I need to purchase additional passes for helpers in my booth?

A: Simply purchase general admission tickets for them as needed. 

Q: What if I'd like to purchase additional booth spaces to expand my booth?

A: Unfortunately all spaces are claimed at this time and we are sold out. 

Q: What will load-in look like?

A: The Vendor Expo on the Concourse Level is on the lower-level of the IX-Center. The Vendor Expo in the East Lobby is on the ground floor. Please plan accordingly. You can bring your own dolly and/or carts. There is a ramp where we will direct traffic for vendors up and down accordingly to maximize efficiency for load-in. Most vendor load-in will be from the East Entrance if you have NOT purchased the load-in privilege. Expect a long walk, it's a big building and a big show! 

Q: Where do I go to check-in?

A: You will check-in, in the East Lobby. Upon check-in you will receive your Exhibitor Packet with further instructions. 

Q: What if it's raining during load-in?

A: There is a very large covered area at the East Entrance where load-in is, to protect your wares. That being said, plan accordingly. 

Q: What time does the Vendor Expo "officially" close?

A: As most of the show's main floor programming is located among and around the Vendor Expo, we are never officially closing the Vendor Expo for the extent of the show. However, you must have your booth space open until at least 7:00PM; but you are encouraged to stay open later if you and the main show Vendor Expo are still busy. Please also be mindful of your booth neighbors and guests of the show. 

Q: Can my booth encroach into the aisles?

A: No. 

Q: Can I swap booth spaces with someone?

A: No. 

Q: When do you recommend loading-in? 

A: Friday, September 23 from 11AM - 7PM. We have 8 hours to load-in the day before the show. 

Q: Will I have to move my car, truck or vehicle after load-in?

A: Yes. All exhibitors will be required to move their vehicles after load-in to the exhibitor lot to allow ample parking for guests.

Q: Can I leave my vehicle overnight at the IX Center if I have a large truck, trailer, etc.?

A: Yes. Please contact a member of show staff for specific instructions on where to park these vehicles. 

Q: If I purchased drive-in privileges is my vehicle inside for the duration of the show/overnight?

A: No. 


Q: Are there in-and-out parking privileges for exhibitors the day-of-show?

A: No. If you leave the parking lot after 9AM the day-of-show you will be required to pay to park. 

Q: Is there a fee to park on Friday, September 23rd?

A: No. 

Q: Do vendors/exhibitors have to pay for parking the day of the show?

A: No, if you arrive before 9AM, you will not have to pay for parking. Arrival after 9AM will require a $10 parking pass for the day. 

Q: What if I am parking on display car/vehicle on the show floor?

A: Requirements are as follows and must be followed: Vehicle must have 1/8th tank of gas or less, battery terminals must be disconnected and taped and vehicle must have a locking gas cap or taped. 

Q: Is outside food/beverage permitted?

A: No. 

Q: Am I allowed to bring a cooler?

A: No.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

A: No, unless it is a service animal. 


Q: What hotel partnership is available for a discounted rate?

A: See link here for hotel partnership minutes from IX Center. The hotel block is sold out at this time. 

Q: I need to cancel my table/booth at the show? How do I get a refund?

A: Unfortunately at this time, the period for cancellations with refunds has passed. We are less than 30 days from the show and exhibitors/vendors will not be offered refunds any further at this point in time. However you may apply your purchase of a table/booth for 2022 to the 2023 show. 

Q: Who can we contact with additional questions?

A: show@gamecleveland.com