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We know how passionate cosplayers are about showing off their best creations, and that's why we create the best stage in Ohio for your moment under the lights. 

Whether your a cosplay veteran or it's your first time - CGC welcomes cosplayers of all skill levels. 

We offer cosplay contests for kids, teens, adults and groups. All cosplay competitions are free-to-enter. 

And if you don't want to participate in a contest, just come dressed in your best at CGC as your favorite characters.



The primary goal of the cosplay contest is to celebrate the love and your passion for all genres and to provide a fun and welcoming environment for all. 

CGC welcomes cosplayers of all skill levels and experience. If you've never participated before, give it a shot - you'll love it and have fun!

The cosplay contests will be done with pre-judging in advance with all participants having the opportunity to be invited in the masquerade and walk the Main Stage. Pre-judging will begin at 4PM and no entries will be accepted after 4:30PM, no exceptions. Participants must be present at time of pre-judging to qualify for an award. The masquerade will commence at 4:30PM. 

Pre-registration is strongly encourage. Day-of signups will be required at the Rubber City Cosplay booth in the Cosplay area of the exhibit hall.

Judges will consider the following for award:

1. Crafting: how well your cosplay looks, skill involved, hand made, clean or needs improvement. 

2. Creativity: what unique methods were used in creation, materials used, creativity of concept and design. 

3. Comfortability: how well does it wear, range of motion, ability to move in and perform. 

4. Bonus notes: background, story-telling and character likeness.   



All props and accessories will be tagged and approved by CGC staff to be carried at the event. If an item is declared unaccepted, you will be asked to remove the item from the event. 

NO METAL is allowed. 

NO objects that could be deemed harmful in any matter whatsoever are tolerated. You will be asked to remove them from the event. 

Costumes must be "street legal", meaning they are suitable for ALL ages. CGC staff reserves the right to make final judgment on what is decent. 

We have a ZERO-TOLERANCE harassment policy. CGC does not tolerate harassment in any form. Violations of this will result in actions such as ejection from the event at the sole discretion of CGC staff. 



Cosplay Guest Application

Although we wish we could accept all applications, space is limited for cosplay special guests. We value cosplayers who demonstrate passion, craftsmanship, skill and commitment to the characters they embody. Socials are collected to review the aforementioned.


Our event is also very family-friendly and oriented, so we look for cosplay to be suitable for all ages and welcoming to all guests. Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. Accepted cosplay special guests will receive booth space (shared or individual) and a weekend pass to the show. Thank you for your interest and your passion!

I've bee a guest cosplayer before at a show


Cosplay Contest Registration

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