Whether you compete in a tournament, want to check out our retro arcade, relive your childhood on our classic consoles, play some pinball, meet and interact with special guests, shop, watch, play and more - the Cleveland Gaming Classic it all!













Daniel Pesina is best know as the original actor in Mortal Kombat I & II  for his work as Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Noob Saibot, Reptile, Scorpion, and Smoke. Mortal Kombat first debuted in 1992 and is known as one of the most successful fighting games in history - generating over $4 BILLION dollars in sales in the 90s.  Mortal Kombat is now on its 11th game in the franchise since 1992 and continues to be one of the most recognizable series in gaming.

Meet Daniel Pesina at our show this year and have an opportunity for photos, autographs and more. ​

man vs. snake
movie screening!

Man vs. Snake tells the story ​of Tim McVey, who in 1984, on a single quarter over the period of 44 hours nonstop, was the first person to score over a billion points on a video game. 

25 years later, rumors surface of Tim losing his high score and record to others who have now beaten his score. The story follows Tim McVey on his decision and journey to reclaim his throne or risk losing it forever. 

If you've ever seen The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, and you love it - you'll absolutely love Man vs. Snake! See it live this year at our show in this exclusive screening. 

retro & classic console arcades!

Have fun in our dedicated onsite ​Retro Arcade with the classic arcade games you grew up on! Plus grab a controller on our classic consoles and play some of your favorites games!


Talk about nostalgia overload - but you won't need to worry about the quarters!

In 2015, Jay Bartlett set out to acquire all 678 NES games in only 30 days in one epic documentary, Nintendo Quest: The Most Unofficial and Unauthorized Nintendo Documentary Ever!

Jay will share his story and the making of this epic adventure as well as his new project: Action Figure Adventure. 


Mike Tyson's Punch-Out is a legendary game.

It requires quick decision making, skill and precision timing. 

But what if someone could attempt to beat and play this classic blindfolded?

It may seem like an impossible challenge to most, but there's only one way to see - and that's to see it yourself at our show this year. 

Come cheer on gamer Kevin Cabarello as he attempts to accomplish the impossible live at CGC 2020. 

16 Bit
launch party!

Friday, November 20, 2020 we'll be having an official launch party in partnership with 16 Bit Bar + Arcade in Cleveland, OH.


Join us 16 Bit to start your weekend party early with us!

No reservations required!

meet retro
sports gamer!

The Retro Sports Gamer, Tom Stahnke, will be at CGC 2020 talking everything about retro sports and hosting our first ESPN NFL 2k5 tournament! The RSG is a leader in covering the world of retro sports games, from Tecmo Super Bowl, RBI Baseball, NHL hockey, NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, and many more classic titles.

Meet the RSG at the show or check him out on YouTube for all his tips, tricks and strategies. 


8-bit music on 88 keys - Rob Kovacs - performing note for note piano arrangements of classic video game soundtracks. 

Kovacs has performed at MAGFest, PAX South, Classic Game Fest, Neosonic Fest, and Mensa National Gathering.

More at www.88bitmusic.com


The world's first "drinkcade", presented by Glitchbit in partnership with Incredible Technologies (makers of Golden Tee)​.


This arcade cabinet features dozens of minigames and trivia questions for players to compete through, with losers taking a sip of their beverages after each round. Come check out this incredible game and experience, for shoulder-to-shoulder arcade multiplayer and a few drinks!

More at http://www.glitchbit.com/


World Record for longest arcade run on a single credit: 85 hours and 16 minutes and highest score on Armor Attack arcade cabinet with 2,211,990 points.

John will share his journey in training for this epic marathon and his passion now turned small business as owner of Full Blast Arcade in North Ridgeville, OH. 

More at www.johnsaltersfullblastarcade.com

game show

Game Show Express will be bringing their 10' x 10' LED gaming wall. ​

This is in real HD and not projection! Just picture yourself playing on the most pixel-perfect 10' x 10' gaming wall. 

This thing is the real deal - play it only at our show!

More at www.gameshowexpress.com

virtual reality:

Straylight is a new kind of VR platforming experience. ​

Have you ever wanted to fly? Have you ever wanted to move effortlessly in virtual reality without any discomfort or motion sickness?

Straylight is a game built for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and based around a grappling/swinging mechanic that allows for immersive movement in the VR space without any of the disorientation and nausea that accompanies typical locomotion in virtual reality. It truly is like no other experience available for current generation VR.

More at www.teamstraylight.com


Join OH Rachel Cosplay @ohrachelcosplay and other cosplayers at the Cleveland Gaming Classic. ​

Rachel has been on the cosplay scene since 2017, with some of her notable characters including, Ms. Marvel, Black Cat, Samus, Camie and more.

At the Cleveland Gaming Classic you'll the opportunity to take photos with OH Rachel Cosplay or have your very own cosplay photos taken in our professional photo booth.