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From our massive exhibit hall, gaming, special guests, cosplay - CGC is the best place to make a weekend of doing all things fan culture. 

With over 250,000 sq. ft. (that's huge) of exhibition space, you can't possibly get it all done in one day. We're constantly adding programs and content so check back regularly.



Pick up that controller or Zapper in our massive video game classic console arcade. Featuring original tube TVs and the systems you grew up on, you can play games just like you used to. From Atari, ColecoVision, Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, Playstation and more - we've got them at CGC. 


Over 50+ pinball machines AND 50+ arcade games all set on free-play. Featuring the classics you grew up on plus the latest releases from today's pinball manufacturers. But, keep your quarters at home, all the games are free to play!


Looking for that rare "grail game" or to add to your video game collection? Our massive exhibit hall is where you're guaranteed to find it. Video game collectors and dealers come across the country, bring you the best and rarest to CGC.


Hundreds of attendees come to CGC dressed in their best cosplay each year. And if you're looking to compete in our epic cosplay contest, you can take the Main Stage in our free-to-participate contests for Kids, Teens, Adults and Group categories. Our cosplay scene draws local and out of state fans in standing room only events each year.


Have you ever driven a 3 story tall, 75-ton walking tank complete with missiles and lasers? Well you will at CGC. Take a seat in the most immersive multiplayer virtual combat: BattleTech. Step inside this 6 foot massive pods and grab onto the joystick in this ultra-rare experience.


Pull up a chair in our massive free-play tabletop lounge and gaming library. 

Whether you're a veteran Dungeon Master, looking to learn something new, or to get a casual game of Jenga in - we've got the games at CGC.


Grab an autograph and selfie with some of the most iconic guests, content creators and influencers in gaming and fan culture. Or take a seat by the Main Stage in some engaging and exciting programming (hilarity will inevitably happen - you've been forewarned). 


If you're looking to show-off your passion project, play test with an audience or market to the masses - CGC is the premier place to do it. Developers local and out-of-state travel to the land each year to show us what they've got. Plus developers have the chance to even win some awards for their games and take to the Main Stage for an iconic photo opportunity. 


Get ready to meet up with your fellow Anime friends and snap a photo as you pose in your best Demon Slayer, Naruto, Attack on Titan, One Piece and other popular anime series. 

Believe it - Anime is at CGC!


You'll never know who you'll meet roaming the massive Exhibit Hall of CGC, so keep that camera ready. It may be a towering 8 foot Autobot, Thor, Deadpool, Mario, Marty McFly or Darth Vader - you never know who you'll meet.


From Pokemon, Pops, Magic, Marvel, Masters of the Universe and more - you'll find the collectibles, toys, comics and more at CGC.

Just make sure there's enough room in your car for it all!


This year we've added a dedicated Artist Alley to showcase all the amazing artists and creators out there. 

From custom dice, coasters, jewelry, artwork, armor, posters and just about anything you can think of - it's at CGC.


CGC all started as "Tecmo Cleveland" over a decade ago with a couple of friends playing Tecmo Super Bowl on the NES. Today, CGC is still home to one of the largest Tecmo Super Bowl tournaments and other competitive tournaments. Get ready to compete at CGC.


Can't you hear the music already?


Compete in this unique format to see if you have what it takes to master the bricks in Classic Tetris Wars. 


Last year we reimagined the best video gameshow of our childhood. We also recreated the living room of the 80s. 

We knows what's in store for CGC '24. You'll just have to be there to see it!

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